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Modem Setting For Faster Smartfren

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Modem Setting For Faster Smartfren
Hello Friend, in my post this time I will discuss about How To Setting Modem Faster Smartfren. Why should it be set? Perhaps many of you who feel that Smartfren slogan that says "I Hate Slow" less according to the performance of the modem. And why is that?

Many factors could cause this, maybe some of them:

Signal Strength - The signal is affecting the performance of the modem, USB modem in particular. Because maybe in this case the modem uses a SIM card which is very dependent on the signal.

Modem Heat - Heat excess in the modem will certainly affect the performance of the modem. Maybe the wrong modem placement can be triggered in this case.

Package Modem - Not a problem this happens to most people because it prefers cheaper than the time wasted just to wait for loading in the browser. Because the number of users who use the package smartfren economical or cheapest package, in this case 45Rb package, this is the result of mutual attraction between penggua economical package.

Viruses - Viruses that exist on your PC / Laptop you can also influence in this case, probably for the explanation I will discuss in another article.

Well, now how do I set the modem? Is actually very simple, just by setting the modem directly from the application. Okay, Immediately!

1. Attach the modem to your PC / Laptop.
2. After emerging from the StartUp Smartfren please select Settings.

3. Fill in the Profile as follows:
     Phone: 777 # or * 99 #
     User: cdma or smart
     Password: cdma or smart

for new modem smartfren, you are given the option to use the option Smart (If you use Smart) and Mobile-8 (If you are using Smartfren). Well, you have to do is create a new configuration by pressing * New *. Then fill in the code above.
4. Then click Apply (For Old Type)
5. click the Ok

Here I use the DNS provided by Google ( because I think with my ping using the DNS becomes smaller, than the most widely used Google DNS. In addition, many free DNS services other. Here is a list of free DNS that you can use for your modem:

Google Public DNS Server IP Address:

Free OpenDNS DNS server list / IP address:

DNSAdvantage free DNS server list:

Norton free DNS server list / IP address:

Scrublt DNS server address:

I think so first of my on Setting Modem Faster Smartfren order,
Good luck!

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